Pastor S.H Lantz Shapiro

Pastor Lantz Shapiro came to Fundamental Baptist Church in 1998 with a desire to help the church reach its potential for the Lord Jesus Christ. He was saved at seven years of age, but he has been involved in independent, Fundamental Baptist churches since getting baptized at Redwood Baptist Church by Pastor Don Ohm in 1985.

Pastor Shapiro has been privileged to work under the pastoral leadership of balanced men of God who have helped him grow in preparation for his ministry. He has also been involved in bus ministries, prison ministries, adult Sunday school classes and is a 1994 graduate of Lighthouse Bible Institute in San Diego, CA.  He has an unwavering faith in the King James Bible and he is determined by God's grace to keep the "fundamental" in Fundamental Baptist Church. Above all, he desires that the Lord would be pleased with the church and its ministry for Him.


Pastor Shapiro has preached in many places in the United States as well as in Australia and New Zealand.